Hopup Collapsible

Hopup™ collapsible 10ft inline tension fabric displays feature an integrated fabric graphic that makes it the fastest and one of the easiest displays on the market. Simply expand the collapsible frame and you have a fast and impactful 10ft inline display.

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Display Size
  1. 10' Inline11

Display Shape
  1. Straight8
  2. Curved2

Illuminated Display
  1. Yes2

Quality Range
  1. Economy Product1

Hardware Warranty
  1. Lifetime Warranty101 year Warranty1

  1. New Product2Product includes carry bag or case10Product can be recycled10

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Hopup Lite 10ft Straight Full Height Tension Fabric Display

Hopup™ Lite 10ft (4 quad x 3 quad) straight full height tension fabric display features a lightweight, economy aluminum frame that is easy to set up. The hook and loop-applied, straight fabric mural with or without endcaps pre-attaches to the frame. For a quick and easy full height economy display, simply attach the graphic, pop (expand) the...

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